Sunday, February 12, 2012

All alone, the way she feels.

Dear You,
        You do not deserve any of the good things that can come out of your messed up situation. You deserve all of the fowl and bitter things that this world has tossed in your face. You deserve to suffer, and feel immense pain throughout every single inch of your body. Nothing you could ever do will ever be good enough, for anyone or anything at all. You're never going to have the happiness so many idiotic fools preach about. Wake up, sweetheart. You are one of those idiotic fools. You can say it over and over, as many times as you want. You can plaster it on the walls and scream it from the mountains, but you will never obtain the happiness that you've ached for, for so long. How could you ever let yourself believe that you truly deserved it? You delirious coward, you don't even deserve the slightest amount. You're a fool. You whine all the time, day in and day out, about how people disrespect you left and right. Well, you don't deserve respect, my dear. That is the absolute last thing you deserve. Your soul is made up of all the dark and violent things in the world. You push people away just as fast as they come. That is why you have no friends, and why nobody can tolerate to even breathe your same air. Why would anyone want to get caught up in your never-ending troubles? You're a pathetic loser. You can't even make a negative situation, positive.
Don't kid yourself, honey. You're not worth a penny.

Love, Me.


  1. You do not deserve this. Be kind to yourself, Ash. I love you and I'm praying for you.

  2. Dear Ashley,

    Please don't hurt yourself. You are a wonderful person in so many ways. You are lovely and special, beautiful inside and out. Keeping you in my thoughts, always.

  3. Dear You,
    You deserve so much more than this world has to offer. Today can be so bitter and fowl but you are better than this. Despite all the challenges, you deserve to be happy, to rejoice in the person you ARE and have the potential to be. You have no idea how special you are. Wake up, sweetheart. Wake up to the beauty of your potential. Someday, the unmerited pain will stop. Until then, seek for the light, the peace of being happy inside, regardless of the ugly, encroaching world. You are a child of light, a beacon to the world. Grow through your challenges, become your true self. Don't give in to the childish chides of the disappointing world, reach for higher ground. Reach to become a helpful soul, allowing others to reach and grow and learn. You are valuable, irreplaceable. No one can fill your shoes. You are needed. You are anything but ordinary. Don't seek to become just like everyone else, because you aren't. And that is what makes you so ...YOU! Don't put up with disrespect from anyone, especially yourself. You are better than that. You are a human being with thoughts and feelings and ideas so unique to you. So beautiful. You are so strong, so much stronger than others see you for. But those weaker than you are attracted to your strength, your charisma, your aptitude for progression. They can't help it. Your SOUL is beautiful. Full of joy and hope and purpose. Of lessons learned. It is full of experience. The good and the bad. With so many difficult challenges before you, you can't expect to be perfect today. Let others in, let them help you, lift you, so you can build each other. You deserve friendship, love, compassion, all those things you offer to others. You are worthy of. Because you are you. Don't believe the lies of others jealous of you. You are worth more than the world can offer. I love you. Don't forget it.
    Love, Me.


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