Friday, December 27, 2013

This Loneliness Won't Last.

I remember all too well who I was a year ago. 
I remember how splintered my bones were and how hollow my body hung around them. 
I used to think that I would remain tattered, ugly, ruined and broken forever. 
But, then I met you. 
When we’re apart my throat feels laden with all the words I wish I could spill out into you. 
Whenever I’m alone I wish we were huddled safely away under your bed sheets
 so I could drape myself around you like a heavy fog; 
causing you to crash and swerve into me at a million miles per hour. 
I often think about the night I read to you on the hardwood floor of your room, 
and miss how calm everything had felt then. 
I think I could listen to you talk for hours and never tire of what you had to say.
 And I swear I hear your laugh when the room gets silent, 
and it drives me mad to not know if it’s 
because I’m going crazy or if it’s because I’m falling in love with you. 
I really hope its the ladder of the two.

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