Wednesday, May 18, 2011

am i fool who sits alone talking to the moon?

my heart aches to tell you the
magnified words that stomp around
throughout my mind, and echo throughout
my hollow soul.

i sit and stare blankly at my bright
teal walls, as ideas quietly stir within my
chaotic mind.
should i tell you?
how will i tell you?
do i dare take a risk?
no. i could never do such a thing.
ideas come and conclusions quickly fall apart
as my courage instantly crumbles
right to the

skyscrapers of unspoken thoughts and hidden feelings.
my body simply cannot contain these stacks of foolish words
that vibrate throughout my fragile bones and send goosebumps
along every square inch of my pale white skin.
they i n c h their way up my spine and tickle the tip of my tongue.
but still,
i can't get the words to flow out of my irreverent mouth.

can't you hear these words pounding
throughout my mind?
can't you hear my thoughts screaming
at the top of their lungs?
can't you feel my impatient heart nearly
jumping right out of my sunken chest?
can't you see my desperation hidden
behind my soft blue eyes?

oh, can't you see how beautiful
you are to me?


  1. This was so beautiful it made my icy heart break.
    You are so beautiful, love.

  2. you are such an amazing writer. this is beautiful.


  3. Your words are so beautiful, your message is so beautiful, YOU are so beautiful. The way you take simple words and spin them into an intricate, poem-like web of original beauty that speaks such powerful things... it's amazing. You're amazing. This post makes me want to reread it over and over, and try to understand the depth of your feelings, even just a little bit.



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