Monday, May 23, 2011

my beautiful daydream.

with papers clawing their way out of
every corner of my shaking arms,
i bolted into the cluttered classroom in a fit of
absolute rage.
today was going to be a
horrible day.
i slammed my backpack down onto the navy blue chair,
and threw my phone down on the un-even desk.
i didn't want to talk to anyone.
anger stirred within my soul as i dug within my monstrous backpack,
as a delicate voice slowly inched its way into my
pounding eardrums.
i quickly angled myself towards the direction of the nearly melodic greeting.
i knew that voice anywhere.
my heart nearly
as my arms sighed
in relief, and loosened their grip on the mass pile of papers.
i happily sank deep down into my unstable desk and adjusted my papers
precisely on the corner.
conversation quickly sparked between us, but all i could focus on were those
stunning blue eyes that ignited an un-seen hope within
my tattered soul.
my teacher began speaking in what seemed to be a foreign language.
an assignment?
no, not now, teacher.
can't you see i'm busy?

i fumbled around in my backpack, searching diligently
to find a single piece of lined paper.
i began scribbling words along the light blue lines
as words began flowing out of his mouth, once more.

"yeah, i'm definitely a romantic writer..."
i somehow choked out of my hoarse throat.
he chuckled quietly and looked right at me.
no, no stop! what are you doing?
don't look at me.
my heart began to erupt as my heartbeats became irregular.
my teacher began to speak quickly, encouraging
the boys to connect with their inner-romantic and free their insecurities.
i added my own comment, so as to not look like such a fool for just staring
at his gentle smile.
"and it also makes you awesome."
he fumbled through his scattered pile of hand-outs, and set aside the
one he had originially intended on writing about.
"well, in that case..."
his voice faded off as i looked up to find him stealing his neighbor's
paper on romantic literature.
just before he began to write freely on his blank piece of paper,
he flashed his gentle smile and bright beautiful
eyes right in my direction...

every day may not be good,
but there's always something good in each day.



  1. Sorry you had a bad day :( but also, how cute of him to want to please you and make you like him a little more! He was obviously seeking your approval. I'm not surprised, knowing how beautiful and interesting you are!

    I love the message you put at the end ;) I never get tired of your amazing writing.


  2. i'm so sorry i haven't been here lately, darling, and i'm sorry if you had a bad day.
    who is this boy? haha... i'm a useless reader. i hope you can tell us more about him.

    i love you Ashley, you know that, don't you? ♥

  3. ♥ "but there's always something good in each day." Very nice words! Love it..


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