Friday, May 6, 2011

everybody learns from disasters.

my hands shook nervously,
and i could barely make out the letters on the bright white keyboard,
silently illuminating my phone.
tears built up in my eyes, as i quickly typed out the message i
knew i needed to let out.
i hadn't said anything nice in nearly 3 years.

To Dad:
Thanks for getting a good job again and helping to support our family.
And thanks for always supporting me.
Love you.

i sent the message almost as quickly as i typed it, and went outside.
i sat on a blanket that cushioned the bumpy and hectic ground,
while flipping through pictures on my beloved camera.
i came across one of him, with my sweet little nephew.
all hope of containing my tears was useless,
as a steady stream began to flow down my light pink
cheeks, and rolled gently onto my quivering lips.

everybody makes mistakes.
people are going to hurt you.
forgive them, anyway.



  1. This is such a beautiful post, I got all choked up reading it. Your words are lovely <3

  2. This is wonderful, dear! Both the writing and the meaning it entails.
    Forgiveness is so hard, but in the end it frees us so much.

  3. Forgiveness. Such an easy word to say, yet such so hard to actually achieve. Letting go; it doesn't come naturally. You're amazing. <3

  4. aw, my sweet love Ashley... this post melted my heart. i love you, i love you, i love you... i wish i can tell you why i'm also tearing up. maybe i'll just post the reasons in my blog some other time. but you made me feel i'm not alone. again, darling, i love you. i wish you know how much.

  5. Forgiveness is one of the most wonderful things we can give. I'm trying to remember this as I float through life.

    ~ Meg

  6. This is so wonderful. You have set an example that everyone should follow... to be forgiving of people's mistakes, even if they caused you so much pain... Your words are beautiful, and a sign of good changes, and the joy of moving on, one little step at a time. :)



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