Tuesday, May 31, 2011

rise above & open your eyes.

This pain that I feel, I will overcome.
I know somewhere deep down inside that
it's the pain that makes us strong
I could curse, I could shout, & take the easy way out.
I'll forgive you, somehow.
I will rise above.
I'm gonna keep walking, though it may seem far.
I'm gonna keep preaching when life gets too hard.
I'm not going to let you bring me down.
I'm gonna keep climbing until I see the top.
I'm gonna keep trying though I may get lost.

I will rise above this.



  1. you will, baby. and i will be the first one to smile for you <3

  2. Yes, you will indeed! Just reading this has given me a sense of empowerment... :)

  3. You WILL! Ah, this makes me so happy. Good for you Ashley. Turning your struggles into strength. You are inspirational. Love you lots :) I'll be cheering for you the whole way.


  4. You are wonderful. Never give up, darling.

  5. ah, i know this.
    one of my fav songs, too.
    JoJo's High Road, right?

    and the pic is breath-taking :)
    nice ^^

  6. Boom.
    Just the inspiration I needed :)
    Now I know, I'm not giving in.
    I may fall sometimes, but I will survive.


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