Sunday, June 19, 2011

your arms hold me close, while my heart holds you closer.

the sky was light gray, with clouds sloppily smeared all over.
we drove and walked, and drove again,
losing ourselves in conversation and leather couches.

kids ran throughout the flood of green grass as their laughter
echoed throughout the shiny new play equipment.
we swung back and forth, talking about whatever came to mind.
then, we stood upon a contraption of metal fused together,
into an odd sphere shape, and we slowly began to spin.
he was so close to me, and i had no other option but to
stare him right in the eyes.
our eyes quickly met, and suddenly everything was spinning faster,
and the outside world s l o w l y melted away.
all i could see was him.
i leaned and swayed as my body threatened to collapse
at any moment.
he could see the terror in my eyes, and told me not to fall off.
he did his best to keep me balanced as i tried as hard as i could
to not constantly stare at his glowing eyes.

the evening crept up on us and time seemed to quickly speed up,
as we laughed and talked among seas of blankets and dark red pillows.
before i knew it, i was driving once again, to the place that sheltered my happiness.
and then we were there.
the day was over, and it was time to say goodbye.
but i didn't want to.
i quickly hopped out of the car and threw my arms around his
tall and skinny figure.
at the same instant, he gently wrapped his arms around my s l o w l y m e l t i n g figure.
we stayed there for a few moments, as i spoke of the events that had
occurred and the happiness that i had felt, and enjoyed.
words began soaring out of his mouth as i silently pressed my head against his chest.
my eyes were quickly drawn to the dark black window of the car.
i nearly gasped, as i tried to listen to what he was saying, but i only understood half of it.
i could see us perfectly in the reflection from the window that quietly shimmered
beneath the gentle glow of the moonlight.
it looked so natural and beautiful to see us there standing in a warm embrace.
i didn't want to let go.
i just wanted to stay there inside of his arms,
and right next to his gentle heart, where i knew i was safe and secure.
i thought of how bitter and sour his words used to be, while his sweet and sincere words
quickly poured over my entire heart and soul.
we had both changed so much, and he had helped me through so much when he
could have easily gotten up and walked away. but, he never did.
and a voice inside of me always insists that he never will.

he was my hope when i had none left, and he was the person
i would run to when the battle was too hard, and my soul was weak.
when i had no faith left, he gave me his, and showed me how
to get back to where i needed to be.
he is my beautiful daydream that continues to get better every single day.

and just three years ago, i hated him with every fiber of my being.
who knew i could create a best friend out of my worst enemy.



  1. Oh! Dearest Ashley! I am so happy for you! This is truly beautiful! I wish you all the best. You deserve to be happy.


  2. hey dear... this is another beautiful piece. and i agree with brooklyn here. i always tell you about this and you really do deserve a smile. and a million smiles more.

  3. Ashley.
    I hope this is about who I think it is and if it is I can't allow that young man to go back. He can't leave Utah again. He is moving to Utah NOW!!! This is so sweet. I love that kid and I barely know him, but I love him because he's helped you and been a better friend than I ever could be to you! I love you!!

  4. Oh Ashley, I've missed your writing. This is absolutely wonderful, and I am soo very happy for you! To create a best friend out of an enemy, well if anyone was capable of accomplishing such a daunting task, it would be you! :)

  5. This is beautiful love.
    People change, so much, right before our eyes.
    Well done for having the strength to change an enemy into a friend.
    I should take a leaf out of your book.

  6. Ashley, my heart went on steroids when i saw your name in my comments list. I thought you already left me.

    Big hug!

    I hope you've been well... and that everything will be fine.


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