Sunday, July 24, 2011

we'll get lost together, until the light comes pouring through.

let's get lost, just you and me. 
somewhere far beyond this lonely land,
full of ignorant souls, and unstable ground.
take my hand, and don't look back on everything that didn't work,
or didn't turn out how we all hoped it would.
despite all the tears and sleepless nights we spent arguing and debating, 
laugh with me because there's no use in crying now.  
don't let go of how far we've come, and how much we've endured. 
run faster, and faster, until we can't feel our lungs and we've lost
all sense of direction. 
leave the past locked up inside of an ugly box, buried deep inside of the earth.
scare away the demons that haunt me every night, 
and chase the monsters that hide within the tall, lengthy trees. 
when we're far enough away, and the moon begins to glow,
tell me your deepest secrets, and wildest dreams while the moonlight
gently dances along your delicate face. 
promise me that you'll never forget what we have. 
whatever this is... 



  1. laugh with me because there's no use in crying now.

    My heart is like a sponge right now, absorbing every words you wrote... and I just sit here, allowing it to fill the emptiness... My dear friend, this piece is so beautiful with a taste of coffee in the end. I love you too forever :)

    P.S. I like your new profile picture. ♥

  2. Your words are so beautiful, so hopeful. I love how you described the sad things as fragments of the past, fading away thanks to good feelings... Letting go of the pain, reaching out to love. :)

    I admire you so much Ashley. Your unique strength and good heart never cease to amaze me. :)



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