Tuesday, August 9, 2011

you're the only reason that i'm not afraid to fly.

i lay gently on mountains of black and white,
each and every evening
just begging to hear your voice through the 
crack in the ceiling or the breeze from the window.
my heart aches, as i try to let sleep consume me,
but it almost never comes. 
i imagine you here, right beside my fragile form,
slowly molding all of my b r o k e n parts together.
i can hear your heartbeat, 
and feel your fingers gently racing up my back.
my heart silently slows down to a
delicate beat,
as my soul clings on to yours.
and then i am at peace.
my mind slowly wanders to unknown lands and 
unspoken feelings.

but i always wake up to find that you were never here.
but i know you'll be here someday.


  1. You painted a smile upon my face.
    I'm hopeful.
    I'm wishful.
    For you, my dear.

  2. Cling to hope, love.
    It's all we have.

  3. This is beautiful, dear. It's hearbreaking but the end offers the sweetest solace of hope.

  4. That photo is so full of emotion, and your words are as well. Waking up can be too painful.

  5. I hope so, I really do.
    My heart clings on someday.


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