Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dear you.

       (passed on from sweet Heather.)
       Dear You,
You are far more wonderful than I could ever express in actions, or words alone. You deserve so much more than these foolish words, carefully chosen and precisely placed. You deserve to be loved, and to be happy.
You have experienced more pain and suffering than a person should ever have to experience in their entire lifetime, and yet You still carry on with a smile planted firmly on your face. You never give up. 
You are one of my best friends, and you have always been beside me since Day 1, no matter what was going on. You have never once gotten upset or frustrated with me, even though I've broken down numerous times, and blown everything out of proportion.
You aren't like anyone else I've ever met before, and I absolutely love that about You. You don't let the harsh realities of the world turn your words sour, or make Your heart cold. You rise above all of the bitter and broken souls, and always strive for happiness. You are my happiness. You always know the perfect words to say to turn my entire day around. You are the only thing that can place a genuine smile upon my imperfect face, these days.
You are everything that's lovely, to me.
You have so generously walked right into my life, and fixed all of my broken parts. You keep me going when I want to give up, and You are always my inspiration. You are absolutely amazing to me, and I love You with every fiber of my being. You mean more to me than you'll ever know.
You will always be in my heart.
      Love, Me.

Now to pass it on - Haze, Bella, Brooklyn, & Becca, I ask you to write a letter to whoever about whatever. It must begin with "Dear you" and you can only use pronouns.


  1. Oh dear, this is so beautiful. I can feel your heart beating in this letter.
    And thank you for passing it on me. I wish you a smile, Ashley.

    p.s. You do have a tumblr, yeah? Please send me your link. Love lots!

  2. This is so beautiful, wonderful, and refreshing. You always help me to look at things in a brighter way. I love this. I love YOU. :)

    Thanks for passing it on, I hope I can do it right!


  3. This is really sweet :)

    ~ Meg

  4. this is a wonderful and sweet letter. you have such a pure heart, have missed reading you. x

  5. The words you couldn't say, ...the words I couldn't say either. (; Lovely posts!


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