Monday, October 24, 2011

how do you walk with your head held high?

i swayed back and forth over a sea of deceit, that was filled with the sweetest of lies.
i danced along the shoreline, gently dipping my toes in every now and then, but never letting the waves whisk me away.

i could see you there, softly whispering my name between the breezes that spun throughout the unstable ground we stood upon.
you smiled at me and reached for my hand. gullible and naive, i latched onto your chest so tightly my soul gave in, and i slowly become dependent on your every move, to carry me across the water.
the clouds turned gray, and i could hear the thunder gently humming beneath the clouds, and yelling at the sky. but we continued to walk forward, hand in hand.
you continued whispering in my ear, and clutching my hand to a unknown rhythm.
you promised me that your word was good.
i looked up at you once more, for some glimpse of reassurance, that everything was going to be okay.
your deceiving eyes pierced right into my soul, and mocked my foolish heart. 
lies were poking out from underneath your skin, and tickling your bitter lips. 
my legs slowly collapsed, as you untangled your hand from mine.
the rain began beating down upon the fragile ground,
as sinister shadows quickly swallowed your soul, and left me completely alone.
the storm was screaming at me now, as the wind pinned me down, and the waves crept closer and closer.
i fell to my knees, slowly embracing the earth that surrounded my hollow figure. 
the waves crept even higher now, and i could feel them heaving onto my numb toes and feet.
there was no turning back now. 
i was completely alone.
i could feel the waves itching at my chest now, and slowly inching up to my neck.
i had fought so hard, and walked so long, for nothing but lies. 
i finally felt the water crash against my lungs, and i knew i was completely lost.
i took one last breath, and let the water fill my body.
i just laid there, alone. 
drowning in the remains of your misery.

 how could i have been so foolish?


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  1. We believe what we want to believe. I am so sorry my love. You are not alone, I promise you that.
    You have to fight against the current, keep your head above water for long enough to sing to the stars.
    I'll throw you a rope, promise not to let go.
    Love x


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