Tuesday, November 8, 2011

let me slip away.

it's all too much.
so much stress and pain, boiled over into anger, spilling all over the cold tile floor.
i am here, gently resting on the floor, drowning in anger and hatred.
just waiting to be free.
 but most days i just sit there and cry because i don't know what else to do
silently swimming in the tears that fall from my rusted eyes;
aching to get up and run, and jump, and fly into the endless sky.
to soar with the birds, and sing to the stars. 
but i am here.
  weighed down by the chains that cling to my limbs, 
and secure me to the floor.

i am weak.



  1. let's be weak together.
    :'( hugs.

  2. If we're forming a weak-club, I'm afraid I must raiase my hand for membership as well. *sigh*

    Someday those chains must fall away; I pray it happens soon. Till then, keep your heart facing the sky: watch the birds, watch the stars. They're closer than you think.


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