Friday, June 28, 2013


"I'm telling you.
Right now and always.
Remember this.
There is a person out there who can erase everyone else.
Who can make up for any bad thing anyone has ever done to you.
There is a person who will completely be
everything you want, everything you need.
Who will love you for exactly who you are.
They will be perfect in every way because
they just are. You will not want to change
a thing about them.
You will feel lucky every day, that you are the one
who gets to be in their presence.
You will feel lucky and grateful, you will not want
any more, you will appreciate what you've been given,
for the first time in your life full of changing your
mind and never knowing what you want.
It will all be finally clear and simple.
No more searching for home.
You'll know when you get there, how couldn't you?
Sure, it's what we all want. Sure, I'm making this seem
easy. But trust me, I know it's not, but settling for
anything but the constant butterflies and never-ending smiles.
Don't live your life wondering, if you made the right choice.
Staring at every man that walks by and thinking about what
it would be like to have them, don't think that. Sure it's easy
to try and be reasonable, practical, find someone who is a
really good match, take a good seat instead of waiting in line
for years for the best one. But this is the most important decision you will ever make. 
You will spend your life with this
person, every day. You will maybe raise kids, continue the
human race with this person. Are you really going to give up
on the idea that there is someone that is everything you always
dreamed of and so much more? I'm not. I'm not stupid. I hope
every day that I'm not crazy, and you know what? I'm not.
Fairy-tales exist, most people don't want them bad enough.
Maybe I'll fail, and you can all say, "Look at you now Miss know-
it-all. Now you have nothing." I accept that. It's not easy
to think about but I'd rather have nothing than never know if
the most beautiful creature on the planet could be mine."


  1. "Fairy-tales exist"
    This is beautiful. I hope you are well. I miss you.

    1. Haze! I miss you so much. I hope you are doing well, too. So much love.


  2. This is so gorgeous and makes me feel such hope. I have a cynic and a romantic living inside me and they are most always at war, but this has completely silenced my cynic for tonight. Someday you will have your fairy-tale, I feel sure of it. I suppose you are living you fairy-tale now; you just haven't gotten to the good bits. :D

    I hope you have been well, my dear. :)

    1. Oh, how I've missed you. :) You are the sweetest. I was so giddy when I saw that I had two comments, and one of them was from you.

      I hope you've been well, too. It's so good to hear form you. :)



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