Sunday, September 5, 2010

and if your heart wears thin, i will hold you up. and i will hide you when it gets too much. i'll be right beside you.

have you ever seen an angel?

you're probably thinking you haven't. or at least not that you can re-call of. maybe you don't even believe in such a thing. i know i didn't used to. i thought they were figments of our imagination, or something we just hoped was true. kind of like santa clause. just a silly childhood white lie that kept our dreams going.

but i can tell you that i know for a fact angels do exist.

how, you may ask? because i know one. and i've known her since i was 6. from the start of it all she was always there. at first i didn't realize just how incredible she was. but she was always my best friend, and something about her always made her seem so different from everyone else. sure, we've had our tough times and pointless fights, but we've always overcome every challenge we've faced. she's been there for me since i can remember, and continues to never give up.

no, she doesn't have a halo above her head. she should, but she doesn't. she doesn't have wings of any shape or size. she isn't constantly dressed in clear white clothing, either. she looks just like you and me. your everyday gorgeous teenager. but she does have a certain glow about her, that definitely makes her stand out from all the rest. she's beautiful and strong, and her sincerity shines through in the things she says.

she's one of the most amazing people i know in this entire world. she serves me as so much more than a friend. she's like my sister that i've never had. she knows me better than anyone else does. she doesn't judge me, or my opinions. she accepts me for who i am, and would never make me change just to keep our friendship alive. she picks me up when i fall down, and puts the pieces back together when i fall apart. she never lets me think wrongly of myself, or even try to put myself down. she lets me tell her anything, and always listens with a sincere and kind heart. she gives honest and true advice that has changed my life many times. her life isn't perfect, but nobody's is. she's been through a lot, which makes her even more amazing. she's strong enough to fight through her own battles, while helping others with their own struggles. she's one of the biggest examples in my life. she shows me how to move on and accept myself, because there's no other way to live your life. unless you want to be swallowed up in the waves of self-misery.

i am best friends with an angel.

it's crazy, isn't it? someone like me ends up with such an amazing friend like her? i'm not quite sure how it happened, but i'm glad it did. without her, i would be nowhere. i wouldn't be half of the person i am today, and i might not even still be breathing at this very moment if it weren't for her. she constantly encourages me to be so much better than i am, and always reminds me to never give up. she's never once let me down or disappointed me. i'm so glad i've grown so close to her recently. for so long i was looking for anyone to talk to. constantly searching for someone to heal the pain the burned within my soul. and then she was there. and everything started to slowly get better, and i forgot there was ever any pain that lingered inside my soul. i had finally found happiness, that someone else had given me. she makes all the stress and drama in my life seem much more dull, and bearable. i absolutely love her more than anything in this world. i am so blessed to even know her. and nonetheless, be able to call her my best friend.

you would feel that way, too... if you always had an angel right beside you.


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