Monday, October 11, 2010

i've got more things to do than stare at a mirror.

i'm not afraid anymore.
suddenly i feel calm and free, for the first time in a long time.
i feel as if the chains that have tied down my restless soul have finally been released.
if someone were to ask me about you, i wouldn't feel that familiar stinging pain the pit of my stomach.
my heart doesn't ache when even the simple sound of your name is mentioned.
i don't feel the constant need to keep communicating with you, or trying to lift your spirits.
the strong feelings that used to rack my soul have subsided, and soon will be washed away by new thoughts.
the mere sight of your face doesn't make my knees go weak.
i've learned how to ignore the constant memories that fill my heart and mind, and replace them with memories of others who help me instead of attacking my weaknesses.
i'm starting to see my own worth, even though you say everything against it.
things that remind me of you don't make me cringe or sob; they show me how to be happy and move on.
your harsh words are starting to only make me stronger.

i don't love you like i used to.

i've finally learned how to let go of you...
and for once,
i'm not afraid to.

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