Monday, November 15, 2010

i'll keep searching for my kind of perfect.

per·fect: excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement; exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.
my definition of perfect:

you: saddened yet strengthened from the past, absolutely remarkable photographer, writer with words that could touch anyone's soul in a miraculous way, dark eyes that leave you curious, black hair that falls perfectly along your forehead, sincere heart, curious and intriguing mind, a caring soul that could care for even the worst person in the world, understanding and patient, you fill my soul with joy just with a few simple words, and you are easily one of the most remarkable people on this planet that i have ever come in contact with.
and i've only known you for 4 days.

it's true. you are perfection in it's simplest form. you write words that were powerful enough to convince me to take a risk and talk to you, even though i didn't have a feeling it would end well. to my surprise, it did. you replied almost instantly to the message i wrote to you, and insisted we continue to stay in contact. my heart leaped at the sight of this message, and ached to know more about you.

by the third, but first real official time we had a conversation, i knew there was a reason i felt such a strong urge to talk to you. you are exactly what i need at this point and time in my life. i hate to sound selfish, or talk as if you're mine to own, because you're not. but at least i can call you a friend now. i find so much happiness in knowing that i can always talk to you, and that you will always, always help me through things, even if it's just getting me through my last hour of work.

whenever i see your name pop up on my phone now, i suddenly don't feel so sad or distraught over things in my past. everything's clear and positive again. even just the thought of you brings such a miraculous joy into my soul; it amazes me. i don't know what it is about you, but there's something special that lingers within your soul. my goal is to break down the walls and find out just who you really are. i get giddy and excited just at the thought of becoming good friends with you, and learning all your secrets. i'm already so amazed with what you've shown me in just this short amount of time; i can't wait to see what else you have in store. but, in the mean time, i think i'll just let myself daydream of how things could be, and pretend like i don't notice these feelings i suddenly have for you, at all..

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  1. It is so beautiful that you can feel this way, that you let yourself feel it.
    Gosh, it's so wonderful. You, are so wonderful.



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