Sunday, November 28, 2010

"so you're the girl he's crazy about?"
the message silently illuminated my small phone screen.
i stared at my phone, giving it a puzzled look.
i thought to myself, "he's crazy about me..?" i just couldn't wrap my mind around it.
"sorry, what?"
i simply replied, in sheer confusion of what was happening.
he had been texting me earlier.. had he given his phone to someone else?
"i'm one of his friends. sorry."
my heart stopped racing, and my whole body sighed in relief.
they're lying; i'm sure of it.
"oh. okay. so, wait... he's crazy about me?"
i murmured various ramblings to myself under shallow breaths.
breathe, in and out.
i commanded my hands to stop shaking.
it wasn't true.
he wasn't crazy about me, whatsoever.
a vibration shot through my hand like a bullet flying at a million miles an hour.
i flopped the phone over to the right side, and read the message.
my heart started racing at a rapid pace; i couldn't breathe properly.
"oh. well okay."
i simply replied.
and then i let myself wander off into a beautiful daydream, where you're right here beside me, quietly reminding me that you'll never leave my side...

confession: i'm crazy about you, too...
&i love you. more than i should.
{it's starting to scare me...}

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