Tuesday, February 15, 2011

you make me happy, whether you know it or not.

i literally ran down the hallways, as my eager eyes scanned back and forth through all of the un-familiar faces that surrounded me. my breaths went quickly in and out of my lungs. i simply couldn't wait anymore.
and then i saw her.
i ran anxiously to her, pushing throughout the various unknown faces. she pointed her finger at me, as i continued to run. a smile slowly crept along her face. i could tell this was going to be good.

"ohh ashley... it was SO cute! so i don't exactly know what mrs.brems said to him because she kind of whispered and i wasn't really listening intently. but anyway. so she put the sorbet stuff on his desk and then handed him the spoon and the letter. and he was like 'whoa there! what is this!?' and she simply told him to read the letter. so he did. and he read it, and the whole time he was reading it, he had this huge big smile all over his face. people were trying to steal his sorbet or whatever so he like protected it while he kept reading the note. then he sat there for a while after reading the note and kind of had this puzzled look on his face. then after about a minute he looked up and said, "OH I GET IT!!!!" {i had written my note signed with my username, so as to add suspicion. so that's why it took him so long.} so then everyone like crowded around him and they all tried to take his note, but he refused to let it go. then eventually he gave in, and all of his friends were like, 'DUDE! WHO IS IT FROM!? Dude! Who is helloxbeautiful!?!?' and then some guy was like 'Dude you totally have a secret lover and you didn't tell me?!?!?' and his face went BRIGHT red! it was so funny! And so then they gave him the note back, and he started hugging it and smiling. It was so stinkin' cute! He was soooooo happy!"

my heart literally was going to beat right out of my chest as she went on and on about how wonderful this event had been. i was overjoyed, and fascinated that he had obtained such happiness from such a silly thing. i was horrified, absolutely horrified, that he would take it the wrong way, and twist it into something horribly wrong that wasn't intended. but he didn't. he took it perfectly, and i brought a glimpse of happiness into his day. and that, in and of itself was enough to keep me happy for months.
i literally skipped to my fourth period class with the biggest smile on my face. while i was talking to my friend, i saw him pass by. sadly, i was at just at the wrong angle hiding behind a pole, but not realizing it. due to that stupid and irrelevant pole, he did not see me. but i saw him last minute. as he passed by, my heart slowly melted as my eyes took in the most amazing sight i had seen in a long time. he was so wonderful and perfect... oh, and look at that. he had the sorbet i gave him placed perfectly in his hand, with a spoon in the other.
yes, that's right. i gave him that happiness that was beaming off of his face.

oh, i haven't been this happy in AGES.
i don't know why it brings me so much happiness; i didn't even get to see his reaction. i just heard the wonderful stories. but something about this whole experience has just shot my happiness up so very, very much. i think it's the fact that i, such a worthless and useless soul at times, was able to make such a perfectly crafted soul such as his, happy. i think it also makes me happy because of the doors that this one little sign of affection will open. who knows where our common-everyday friendship will go. maybe we'll become best friends. maybe we'll just become good friends. maybe we won't even become that great of friends. or maybe, just maybe... we'll become something much, much more.
but i have no idea, and neither does anyone else.
and that excites me more than i could possibly imagine.
i feel honored and amazing just to say that i know him, and continue to make the effort to be his friend. and best of all,
i can say that i have danced around in his mind for at least a few hours...

oh, dear me. he is so remarkably beautiful.
& i am so very, breathtakingly, incredibly, wonderfully


  1. Awwww darling! This was SO cute. I literally read this smiling. I'm so glad he took it well! :) I'm so very happy for you! xxxx

  2. Ohhhhh Ashleeeyy...!!! This is soooo exciting! You have no idea how my heart beats faster and faster upon reading your post as if i was the one experiencing it! Oh, it was like the first time you had a crush on someone and every time you see that person, you just froze and and your heart start melting...
    you are sooo cute, dove. i really love how your soul is bursting with happiness today! <3
    one thing is for sure, he'll be thinking about you tonight... or maybe right now... and who knows, darling, maybe tomorrow... he might be smiling while thinking about you, or EVEN keep that spoon you gave him! haha. :)

    i love you dear! your post made my day! i wish the next one will be as bright as this... :)♥

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  4. Awww. They do say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! ^_^ The connection between you guys is just sooo cute. Do you know anyone else who has met a boy like this and has given them such a funny and sweet Valentine's Day gift? 'Cause I don't! I KNOW this will go somewhere. That little lemon-sorbet exchange has definitely sparked his interest and made him want to AT LEAST develop a friendship with you. You give boys ice-cream, they give you their attention. Go for it, Ashley! :) If anyone deserves to be happy, it's you. You are so special and wonderful that he won't help but think you're amazing. I'll support you all the way. I love you and wish you the best of luck <3

  5. Joanna; Thank you! (: I'm glad he took it well, too. Thank you for your happy comment(:

    Haze; Oh, I love you. Thank you for your wonderful words. Haha, I do feel somewhat childish with my affection; it's exciting. (: I'm glad I brightened your day. I love you, dear Haze. (:

    Wings to set me free; I love that all you put was a smiley face. It says so much. Ah, it's brilliant(:

    Becca!?; YOU GOT A BLOG?!?! oh my gosh! i love you! Hahaha awww my dearest Becca this comment made my whole entire DAY! Oh my goodness I just want to hug you! Haha. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope it goes somewhere too. Oh, I love you, my dear!


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