Wednesday, February 23, 2011

these are the confessions of a broken heart.

i can't hide behind this happiness forever...
despite all this amazing, beautiful, wonderful happiness i have been shown by that powerful, breathtaking boy.. i can't ignore who i am, or what has happened. or more importantly, what is happening.

i'm in so much deep agonizing pain.. every breath i take in stabs into me like a knife and goes out slowly, increasing the pain.

i just can't hide it with a smile anymore. i'm falling a p a r t.
everything hurts...
and everybody lies.

{explanation/better post to come tomorrow... i'm just too sick and bombarded with homework. but i really wanted to post something.}


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for this feeling of yours. I truly hope you will feel better soon.

    ~ Meg

  2. This scares me. I hope you're okay... You deserve to hang on to the happiness you've found. You do.

  3. Heartbreaking.. I can truly feel your words.

  4. oh my dear ashley, what happened? please be well, dove. you deserve to be happy... but sometimes, it's okay to cry when you feel down... it's okay not to smile, dear... don't force yourself to smile when you know that doing so hurts.

    p.s. I just awarded you the most versatile blogger award.

  5. Hey! Heart break hurts, but you're the only one who is worth your time. Remember that!

  6. I never feel more alive than when my heart is breaking.
    I hope however that you find a resolution for your pain.
    I have sticky tape and glue, let me help stick you together. <3

  7. A broken heart is the most painful thing. I'm sorry that it hurts you so much. You shouldn't have to hide that intense pain behind your beautiful smile. You are stronger than you think, and just know that you are not alone...

    The sun will rise again.

    I love you Ashley, and I wish I could do something for you... :(

  8. Meg; Oh, you have such a sweet spirit. Thank you. I'll be fine in time. I promise. Thank you for your words of comfort.

    Bella; I'll be fine, love. No need to be frightened. Thank you for your words.

    Eva; I'm glad you understand what I'm saying. Thank you for your comment.

    Haze; Thank you, my love for that comment. I forced myself just the other day to just let myself feel whatever I wanted to feel. Sometimes I think I force myself to be happy, when in reality I just need to be sad for a little bit. Thank you, thank you so much. You gave me an award?! You crazy woman. I love you.

    The Blog Writer; Thank you. I am truly starting to see that, and it helps out a lot. Thank you for your comment and for following me.

    Heather; I agree. Sometimes heartbreak is such a beautiful thing, even though it brings pain. I'll be fine given time, I truly will. Oh, bring on the tape and glue. I'm totally ready. (: Thank you for your comment, and following me. You've made my whole day. <3

  9. Becca!; I missed your comment! I'm so sorry! Oh, my dear sweet Becca; I adore you. Thank you for your words. You're much too kind to me, and I'm so glad you're one of my best friends. (:
    I love you, my dear. Oh, so much!


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