Monday, March 14, 2011

you are my sweetest downfall.. i loved you first.

he caught my eye, as he slowly glided past me.
the deep pattern of oxygen dancing in and out of my lungs quickly got out of line, as i finally laid my delicate eyes right on his. his beauty was breathtaking, and his eyes always made my heart beat out of rhythm. i refused to let him just walk past me. i walked over to him, as he leaned against the bright white wall, and grabbed his hand. i was utterly confused at this odd sensation of courage. it vibrated throughout my bones, and echoed within my soul.
where was this coming from?

i whispered, almost breathlessly, to him that i was tired, as my figure slowly melted into his powerful arms. he looked down at me and whispered words that i couldn't quite make out. but he moved away from the wall, and my body moved right with him. we gently walked side by side into an unknown room that i had never seen before. there was a large bed within the room that had dark, navy blue sheets and a large comforter gently resting on the top. he left the door open slightly, but turned off the blaring bright light. i crawled underneath the sea of sheets and blankets, while carefully wrapping them around my freezing cold body. i assumed he was just showing me where i could rest, and that he would be on his way now.
"thank you. i don't know why i'm so tired. i just am."
he looked at me strangely, and began walking towards the bed. what was he doing?
"oh, it's fine. i'm tired, too."
he quickly hopped beneath the pile of blankets, and slid his arm underneath my neck. shock and confusion crashed over me, while the amazing comfort of his presence soothed the shock. this was perfect. him, right beside me. me, wrapped gently inside his perfect arms. i was in heaven.
he quietly whispered to me, so very many things. most of them i couldn't make sense of, due to slight unconsciousness and bad hearing.
"you're skin is so... never mind. i'm not going to finish that."
i laughed silently to myself as the silly words flew out of his mouth. he was going to say soft, i'm sure of it. i smiled and rolled over onto his arm; i planned on using it as my pillow.
"i'm going to go to sleep now." i quietly whispered beneath my breath.
"sleep well, my love."
just before completely letting sleep come over my body, i heard footsteps coming from outside the door. as they got closer, he slipped his arm out from underneath my body, but he, himself didn't move even an inch.
"it's okay," i silently thought to myself. "he's still there. that's all that matters..."

and then i woke up.
it was simply just a beautiful & remarkable dream...


this dream threw me so off course.
my mind is everywhere now.
i thought i was going to give up, and let all the other women who ached for him out there, have him.
but now i don't want to give up.
my feelings for him are so strong and burn so brightly..
i learned how to put them away for only but a moment.
and now, this dream, it has brought those feelings right back to life.

what am i supposed to do now?



  1. at the beginning i thought it really happened. but then it was just a dream! a dream! haha...

    go on with your feelings, babe... *winks*
    i'm sure it's the one thing that your heart desires for now... don't let it go. don't let good feelings pass away. and i will always be here smiling for you :)

  2. What a dream! The way you described it... I can tell it felt real and beautiful to you. Could it be a sign? Something telling you not to let go of your feelings for him? Something telling you that your love will be returned...?

    Who knows. Only time will tell. But for now, because of this dream, its obvious that you and him are bound together somehow. Fate, divine will, destiny, call it what you will. It gets stronger every day. :)

    Oh, how exciting. I'm so happy for you Ashley. My heart's all a flutter whenever I read about your thoughts and feelings for him... :)



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