Friday, April 22, 2011

don't you dare tell me who to be.

Love Your Life Week.
yesterday i went to girl's club at my school and it was everything i needed at that exact moment.
i stumbled through the door, while fidgeting with my black cardigan.
i was late, due to my orchestra audition, and i had taken multiple tests that day that poured gallons of stress into my already hectic mind and day. but nonetheless, i had made it into the bright white classroom.
they presented us with a challenge.
Love Your Life Week.
it was printed out on a pale pink sheet of paper with words that danced freely down the page.
i stared at it awkwardly, and planned on shoving into the bottom of my backpack as quickly as i could, and never looking at it again.
but something whispered to me, deep inside of my heart.
it told me i need this more than anything.
so here i am.
i figure if i make a goal to blog about each day, it will help me to stay motivated and on task.
and of course, there's always the wonderful option of having you lovely souls do it with me. you could write answers in your comments or even just do it mentally for your own benefit.
of course that's up to you.
i'm scared, but overly excited for this challenge.
maybe it will be something that saves me...

Day 1: Define Beauty.
define beauty, real true beauty, and what it is to you. List 20 things that you LOVE about you. be sure to include the many sides of you. {physically, emotionally, socially, in school, with friends, attributes as a sibling, etc.}

beauty {from ashley's perspective}:
beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. if you were to tell someone they are beautiful, or if you have the ability to pick out beauty in things that you see in daily life, you posses outstanding beauty, yourself. beauty is not what we see plastered on billboards and thrown into popular fashion magazines on freeways and racks at wal-mart and target. beauty is confidence. beauty is acceptance. beauty is waking up in the morning and seeing the sun gently rise, as your soul slowly fills with joy. it is the bubbly giggle of a three-year old running freely throughout the dark green grass on a cool spring day. everyone is beautiful. in our society today, we have twisted the image of beauty so much, that many turn away from the simple, beautiful things and nearly bend over backwards and risk their lives for this, "beauty" that ends up bringing nothing but disappointment and frustration into our already damaged lives. beauty is simple, and should not be something you have to earn. everyone is born with beauty, and every single thing on this planet holds some kind of beauty within it.
we just have to seek after it.

20 Things I LOVE About Me:

1. i love that i have a pretty good sense of fashion, and can help people with their own fashion and style.
2. i love my bangs. i've always wanted them to be the way they are now.
3. i love that i know how to talk to people, and can be social and friendly with nearly anyone.
4. i love how dedicated i am in everything i do.
5. i love that i can pick out beauty in small and simple things, and that i can even find it within the most prideful and envious of people.
6. i love that i am musical, and play so many instruments.
7. i love that i am responsible and dependable.
8. i love how much i care about my grades, even if i am a nerd.
9. i love my fingernails. i think they look nice.
10. i love my skin. i have never had troubles with acne or anything.
11. i love that i am always focused on making myself better in every single way.
12. i love how family oriented i am.
13. i love that i don't need material things to keep me satisfied and happy.
14. i love that i can sight read any type of music fairly easily.
15. i love that i can read fast.
16. i love that i find so much passion and beauty in literature.
17. i love that i know how to control my emotions around people.
18. i love that i never, ever give up on myself, even when things seem nearly impossible.
19. i love that my hair is blond, and that i've never dyed it.
20. i love that i am not perfect in any way, shape, or form.



  1. this post is beautiful, love. the "beauty {from Ashley's perspective}" tugged at my heartstrings, and even made me a tad teary-eyed. you are wonderful.

  2. Ah, Girl's Club. I felt that one session was just for you. :) What a great idea to follow the Love Your Life Week on your blog! That's some positive energy. :)

    Your definition of beauty... is so breathtakingly wonderful. It's all so true. If only more people could see it that way, you know? But as long as one person can, well, then the world's a much better place. :) Like brooklyn, I also got teary-eyed. :)

    And those 20 things you love about yourself... I love them about you too! It made me SO happy reading that list. Happier than you could ever imagine. :) It's a step towards more goodness in your own life, too.

    You're so wonderful, my dear. I look forward to the rest of your posts for this lovely activity. :)


  3. oh, this post is amazing, darling. thanks for making my day a little less lonely just by letting me read this. thank you, babe. lots of love and smiles please. i love it when you're happy.

  4. I love this, I love all these things about you and that you can pick them out. You are truly beautiful. So much it makes my soul weep that it cannot meet your beauty, and then I'm filled with joy as a remember to open my eyes to the beauty all around. Thank you . x


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