Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Know You Care.

Sometimes I think that time passes by far too quickly.
7 months ago I met you, and you drove me absolutely insane.
4 months ago You admitted you liked me, and we went on our first date.
Then I broke your heart. And left you on your own for a month.
But here we are, together, 2 months later.

I feel like I've known you for years, yet I feel like we've just barely gotten to know each other.
It hasn't been an easy process.
There's been a lot of suffering and tumltuous trials throughout these seemingly short two months.
People have violated my privacy on unspeakable levels and many have protested against the mere idea of our relationship.
But they don't know how it is.
They don't know how great it is to hold your hand when we go to the store.
They don't know how beautifully comforting your smile is when I've had an incredibly hard day.
They don't know how wonderfully you treat me each and every day.
They don't know how happy your laugh makes me, even if I'm not the one making you laugh.
They simply don't understand how I feel about you.

I know you're not perfect.
But I swear you're perfect for me.
And they just don't get that.

Although your Dad may think I'm satan, and my best friend might want to punch you in the throat,
I'm glad that you've stuck by me for as long as you have.
I know that we constantly bicker about how quickly we want the time to pass...
But perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.
Maybe we need the extra time.

Things are going to get hard.
They've been hard.
But somehow, I have a feeling we'll be okay.

Thank you for staying with me, even though you had every reason not to.

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  1. I'm so joyful for you Ashley. I'm glad that you have found him, and that he makes you happy. You always deserved a person like that.


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